Beginning Digital Photography

Move beyond the automatic settings of your digital SLR camera and start creating works of art. During this class, you will explore basic photographic concepts of exposure, composition, lighting, and subject matter. Each week, you will learn a new aspect of the photographic process and share your work with the class.

This course includes weekly photo shoots in the field (@UC Berkeley campus) and live demonstrations.

Materials List: Digital SLR or digital point & shoot with the ability to change shutter speed and aperture.

No class 3/28/2023

Watercolor: Landscapes

This 7-week course will introduce the basics of watercolor painting as we capture the beauty of natural landscapes. You will gain first hand experience in color mixing & matching, brush technique & control, and expressive color contrast. If you are looking to jumpstart your creativity or explore a new technique, this workshop is for you. All levels are welcome.

No class 3/29/2023

Materials List:
Strathmore 400 series, Cold Press Watercolor Paper 9×12 or 11×15
10 Well Plastic palette
Kneaded eraser
2 General’s Kimberly Drawing Pencil – HB
Sharpener – Double-Hole
Synthetic Watercolor Brush- Round 2 ,6,10 Princeton
Cotman Brand Watercolors- Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Lemon Yellow, Sap Green, Chinese White, Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna
Drawing Board 13×17 or smaller
Jar For Water

Art Kits are available to purchase at the Inkstone, on Telegraph Ave.

Unwind at the Wheel(Spring)

Spend your Thursday nights with us! Sign up with a friend, your partner, or come on your own. Learn something new and creative while relaxing with a glass of wine. The first glass is on us! After that, it’s BYOB. This class is geared towards beginners with little to no pottery experience.

No class 3/30/2023

Clay must be purchased at the Studio. Clay is $10-$28 for a 25 lb bag depending on clay body. We also sell tools kits at the Studio and the prices range from $10-$22. Class includes unlimited glazes, firings, and open studio access.


Have you always wanted to make a teapot? This class will explore a variety of different techniques for creating ceramic teapots, including making the body, spout, lid and handle. We’ll focus on using the wheel; however, hand-built forms will be addressed. After developing an understanding of basic teapot construction, you’ll explore function and design.

This is an intermediate level class. Pre-requisite: Must be able to throw a cylinder confidently and with even walls.

No class 3/28/2023

Clay must be purchased at the Studio. Clay is $10-$28 for a 25 lb bag depending on clay body. We also sell tools kits at the Studio and the prices range from $10-$22. Class includes unlimited glazes, firings, and open studio access.

Street Photography Workshop(Spring)

Expand your skills and knowledge with this special course on street photography. During this class you will learn more techniques in capturing action-filled portraits. You will be spending the class listening to lectures on lighting, observing demonstrations on posing and participating in hands-on activities and on location shoots around the campus. Use different gear and tools to help you get the perfect shot!

Camera Requirement:
A DSLR or prosumer/mirrorless digital camera that has a manual exposure mode/
Camera manuals
Computer/ laptop/ notebook

Sculptural Vessels

Are you interested in adding sculptural elements to your forms? This class is open to students who are able to throw on the wheel and for students who would like to focus on building vessels by hand. Three dimensional sculpting techniques will be addressed, as well as low relief. Work may be functional or nonfunctional and underglazes and glazes will be covered.

Clay must be purchased at the Studio. Clay is $10-$28 for a 25 lb bag depending on clay body. We also sell tools kits at the Studio and the prices range from $10-$22. Class includes unlimited glazes, firings, and open studio access.

No class 3/29/2023

Screen Printing(Spring)

Discover the fun and flexible medium of screen printing! In this course, you will learn how to turn your designs into stencils, experiment with layering and aligning, and how to reclaim and reuse screens. This class is open to everyone! Beginners will learn the fundamentals, while more experienced printmakers will have time to print and learn more advanced tricks.

No class 3/30/2023

All materials will be available to purchase at the beginning of class right here at the art studio. Materials Fee: $56.73 Your purchased supplies will include:

18×24 200 mesh screen
2 8×11 transparencies (ink jet or for drawing)
1 jar of black ink or 1 primary color (nothing you have to mix)
Tag board 9×12 (100 sheets)
Paint pen
1 sheet of 18×24 acetate heavy .005

Pre-recorded Workshop: Typography & Layout – Spring

The art of arranging type

A two-hour video recording available to watch at a time that is convenient to you.

Explore the fascinating world of typography and learn how to pick the right fonts for your next design project. In addition to covering the basics of typography as a design discipline, we’ll look at the layout tools available in both Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. You’ll learn how to leverage great typography so that your work stands out and makes a bigger impact. In this course we’ll design a concert poster that incorporates both type and graphics, and we’ll also lay out a short book in Adobe InDesign.

Video will be sent via email once the session starts.

Illustrating with Procreate: Stylized Drawing – Spring

Learn to use Procreate to take a whole new approach to digital drawing and painting, and learn to create the digital illustrations you’ve always wanted to make. In this class you will explore new techniques to achieve Screen printing & Risograph-style illustrations. Key lessons include:

Getting set up with sketching
Using brushes, erasers, and masks
Creating and organizing layers
Adding color, texture, and final details

Materials List:
iPad & charger
Apple Pencil or stylus

No class 3/29/2023

Photoshop Collage Workshop(Spring)

Photoshop Collage Workshop! Learn how to edit photos, incorporate new elements in your designs, and make your own movie poster.

Required materials:
Adobe Photoshop Software

UCB students may access Adobe software using these instructions:

Landscape Painting in Oil(Spring)

Capture the essence of place in a landscape painting. Focusing on light, color, and color mixing, you’ll learn to create atmosphere and a sense of distance. Working from personal photos, you’ll gain tools to create vibrant scenes that tell a story. For intermediate to advanced students comfortable with oil paints.

No class 3/28/2023

Materials List:
A warm and cool of each of the 3 primary colors: 38ml tubes
These colors are chosen specifically to understand the mixing of colors while painting. They are simplified to maximize the possibilities while gaining a comprehension of color theory. Alan specifically uses Daler-Rowney Georgian oil color for artists (for best color & economy)
Red-  Warm: Cadmium Red Light Hue, Cool: Alizarin Crimson
Yellow- Warm: Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue, Cool: Cadmium Yellow Light Hue
Blue- Warm: Coeruleum Blue Hue, Cool: French Ultramarine Blue
Titanium White
Additional paint: primarily for under-painting and a foundation of light: Acrylic – Transperant Raw Sienna (2 oz)
Refined Linseed Oil
Thinner – Neutral Thin by Eco House
Brushes: ½ in, ¾ in, & 1½ in. (or similar) Flat or Filbert
Natural hog hair bristle or synthetic bristle combo
Palette, wood or plastic
Canvas: Multiple prepared (sealed with gesso) canvases, wood or masonite. 16 x 20” or larger preferred (canvas boards OK)
Silcoil Brush Cleaning Tank for Thinner
Jar, 8oz. resealable small container for linseed oil
Rags/Apron/Old clothes
Box for materials