Beginning Pottery (Early Fall)

Dive into clay with our introductory pottery class! Learn the ins and outs of throwing one-of-a-kind ceramics pieces and explore the basics of finishing and glazing your work. No previous experience with clay is necessary.

Clay must be purchased at the Studio. Clay is $10-$28 for a 25 lb bag depending on clay body. We also sell tools kits at the Studio and the prices range from $10-$22. Class includes unlimited glazes, firings, and open studio access.

Dates: 08/31/2023 -10/12/2023
TH:2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Bookbinding Workshop (Late Fall)

This workshop will demonstrate easy binding methods step-by-step to make your own blank book with hard or soft covers. You will learn techniques you can adapt to your own wishes, and make 3 books from a single 11×14” sketchpad. Several ideas for customizing your book are included.

Prepare pages and sew them together
Ensure your book won’t fall apart
Enjoy making a project that’s relaxing to create

Materials List:

• Paper sketchpad, 11” x 14”.  Any paper pad of your choice will work.• awl
• bookbinding needle (just a heavy/ large sewing needle)
• waxed thread
• bone folder
• ruler recommend 18”
• Xacto knife/ scissors/ paper cutter (for Xacto, make sure you have a cutting mat or some
cardboard as a cutting surface)
• glue
• a binder clip or paper clip

Landscape Photo Workshop (Early All)

Expand your skills and knowledge with this special course on landscape photography. During this class you will learn more techniques in capturing light, use different kinds of gear to help you get the shot and add a new workflow in your photography.

Camera Requirement:
A DSLR or prosumer/mirrorless digital camera that has a manual exposure mode/
Camera manuals
Computer/ laptop/ notebook

Photoshop Workshop (Early Fall)

Learn how to take your digital art to the next level with an introduction to Photoshop. In this course you will get to work with basic photoshop tools and use them in different ways to edit, adjust and combine various images and text to create cohesive artworks. We will cover several techniques on masking, creating layers, working with blend modes and combining text using different workflows. You will be spending the class listening to lectures, observing demonstrations and participating in some hands-on activities and actual editing time.

We have 4 desktop computers in our lab with the Adobe Suite downloaded. These computers are reserved for community members, but if you want to work on your own laptop you must purchase the software.
UCB students may access Adobe software using these instructions:

iPhone Photography Workshop (Early Fall)

Take your iPhone photography skills to the next level and capture stunning images. During this course, you’ll get technical with the iPhone and learn camera iOS settings and functions. You will also explore basic photographic concepts of exposure, composition, lighting, and subject matter. Finally, you’ll create your own closed loop photographic workflow of capture, edit, and post, all within the iPhone system.

The class will include live lectures, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and time to take photos.

Camera Requirement:
iPhone 5s or newer (instructor will be using iPhoneX)
Updated iOS software (iOS13)

Portrait Photo Workshop (Early Fall)

Develop your individual interests in photography and share your progress with peers. In this class, you will learn intermediate lighting techniques; explore Photoshop and printing techniques while building a body of work. This class is open to students with previous digital photography experience who are interested in developing their portfolio and receiving feedback from peers.

You will be spending the class listening to lectures, observing demonstrations and participating in some hands-on activities and actual shooting time. The focus of the course is using both available light and flash. You will be able to work in a studio environment as well as on location photo-shoot.

Materials List:
DSLR or prosumer/mirrorless digital camera that has a manual exposure mode/
Camera manuals/Flash Manual
Flash or studio strobe
Computer/ laptop/ notebook
Tripod (if available)

Screen Printing Open Studio – EF

Sign up to use the Berkeley Art Studio’s screen printing facility during open hours. All materials may be purchased at the Berkeley Art Studio. You can store screens and materials at the Art Studio for the duration of the session. Hours will be posted on classroom door.

Prerequisite: You must have taken a screen printing class at the Berkeley Art Studio and be able to work without assistance (no instruction).

Open Studio Hours: Advanced sign-up for specific time slots will be required. More details for how to sign up will be shared upon registration.

Studio closed 9/4

Lino Block Printing (Early Fall)

In this course we will cover woodblock printmaking through 3 different styles: one & two color pattern based design, perspective driven design and a final project merging both that also incorporates text. An edition of each project will be printed and different inking methods will be explored. Depict images from your life and stories you want to tell! This class is open to all levels.

Materials List:

Required Materials from Students:
Linoleum Cutters – Either Speedball, Flexcut, or Kasoyo
Linoleum Blocks (Any size up to 12″ wide) – Options at Blick
Akua intaglio ink or block printing ink (water soluble only) – 1 Black, and 1 Color of your choice
Drawing pencils
Blue ballpoint pen
Masking tape

Art Studio Supplies:
Paper (Available for purchase)
Brayers & rollers, stands, carbon transfer paper provided in class

Landscape Drawing Workshop (Early Fall)

Explore the outdoors! Join us for a chance to observe and draw outside at the UC Berkeley Eucalyptus Grove. This workshop will allow students of all abilities to develop their drawing skills, exploring and deepening their experience with materials and drawing the natural environment. Drawing warm-ups and technical strategies will be introduced. Students will have the opportunity to work towards one finished drawing. There are fascinating, shapes, patterns, and texture to be discovered in nature. This workshop is open to all levels.

Materials List:

  • 14×17 Blick Drawing Pad (30 sheets)
  • 2H HB 2B and 4B pencils
  • Lyra Graphite Crayon 2B
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Plastic eraser
  • Handheld pencil sharpener
  • Masonite or other drawing board to lean on
  • Paper Towels
  • Optional: Handwipes/ neoprene gloves; Camp chair/stool
  • Any materials that you already have and would like to use are welcome.

Painting Fundamentals in Acrylic (Early Fall)

Gain an essential understanding of acrylic paints through the study of still life and photos. In this class, you will explore light, composition, color mixing, and theory. Demonstrations by the instructor will be made prior to each assignment. This class is ideal for beginner to intermediate students.

No class 9/28/2023

Materials List:
Liquitex Acrylic Paint- Cadmium Red Light, Alizarin Crimson Hue, Cad. Yellow Light, Brilliant Blue, UltraMarine Blue (Green Shade), Titanium White, Trans. Raw Sienna
Masterson Sta-Wet Palette Seal – 16” x 12”
Liquitex Gloss Medium- 4 oz bottle
Princeton Velvetouch Flat Brushes- Sizes ½ in, ¾ in, & 1½ in. (or similar) Flat or Filbert
Canvas Panel – 12” x 16”, Pkg of 5
Jar For Water

Painting Fundamentals in Oil (Early Fall)

Conquer your oil-painting fears and create paintings that you will love! During this class you’ll learn how to mix colors, create abstract and realistic images, combine painting and drawing, and build a painting from start to finish. This class is geared towards beginning and intermediate students; all levels are welcome.

No class 9/26/2023

Materials List:
A warm and cool of each of the 3 primary colors: 38ml tubes
These colors are chosen specifically to understand the mixing of colors while painting. They are simplified to maximize the possibilities while gaining a comprehension of color theory. Alan specifically uses Daler-Rowney Georgian oil color for artists (for best color & economy)
Red-  Warm: Cadmium Red Light Hue, Cool: Alizarin Crimson
Yellow- Warm: Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue, Cool: Cadmium Yellow Light Hue
Blue- Warm: Coeruleum Blue Hue, Cool: French Ultramarine Blue
Titanium White
Additional paint: primarily for under-painting and a foundation of light: Acrylic – Transperant Raw Sienna (2 oz)
Refined Linseed Oil
Thinner – Neutral Thin by Eco House
Brushes: ½ in, ¾ in, & 1½ in. (or similar) Flat or Filbert
Natural hog hair bristle or synthetic bristle combo
Palette, wood or plastic
Canvas: Multiple prepared (sealed with gesso) canvases, wood or masonite. 16 x 20” or larger preferred (canvas boards OK)
Silcoil Brush Cleaning Tank for Thinner
Jar, 8oz. resealable small container for linseed oil
Rags/Apron/Old clothes
Box for materials