Cyanotype Workshop (Early Fall)

Have fun with the sun! In this one-day introductory workshop, students will learn the
basics of working with cyanotype, one of the earliest photographic processes. We will
be using both pre-coated papers and working with light sensitive solution to prepare
your own papers in the darkroom. Experimenting with various materials, make beautiful
blue contact prints from objects like plants, fabric, hand-cut stencils, hand-drawn films,
and more.

Students are encouraged to bring an assortment of somewhat flat (or flattenable) items
for exposure. Some suggestions include different kinds of flowers, leaves, feathers,
textured fabrics, jewelry with interesting silhouettes, and other small items. Do a quick
online image search of cyanotype for inspiration!

Paper sets and solution provided in the course of the class. Additional paper, films, and opaque markers available for purchase in studio.


Sep 29 2023


12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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