Advanced Pottery (Summer)

This course is geared towards potters who are interested in developing their own style, voice, and distinctive body of work. Through discussions, exercises, and demonstrations, we’ll work on the components of successful art making. Design, development, advanced building skills, as well as the complex relationship between form and color will all be discussed in an effort to better understand our own artistic intentions. Come to class with sketches and ideas and ready to work alongside other similarly interested artists. This class is ideal for dedicated potters who want to advance their craft.

Clay must be purchased at the Studio. Clay is $10-$28 for a 25 lb bag depending on clay body. We also sell tools kits at the Studio and the prices range from $10-$22. Class includes unlimited glazes, firings, and open studio access.


Jun 08 2023


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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