Xochitlquetzal Davila

Photography Instructor

Xochitlquetzal (cho-chi-ket-zaal), they/them pronouns, is an educator and behavioral health care provider who finds beauty, through the capture of light and shadow on film, in both expected and unexpected places. Inspired by and trained in journalism photography with low manipulation aesthetics, they capture the moment as it is, leaving the interpretation to the viewer. Like many photographers of the pre-digital era they also worked as an event, on site photoshoots, and headshot-photographer.  Currently Xochitlquetzal uses the practice of photography to cultivate a space of intention and centering in a world that is so often geared to depersonalization.

You can contact Xochitlquetzal  at artstudio@berkeley.edu.

Xochitlquetzal Davila
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