Glaze Firing Weekly Pass

Are you interested in having your bisqueware (fired at the Berkeley Art Studio) glazed as well? While we aren’t able to have you glaze in our Studio right now, we are offering a couple of choices to glaze fire your work.

Note that clear glaze is still included in the bisque firing pass.

Please purchase a pass for the week you plan to drop off your work; you may purchase as many weeks as you like.
Studio will be closed on Sunday, September 6. 

Option 1: Glaze at Home

  • Purchase this specific Amaco brand cone 5-6 glaze from Clay People (local vendor) or any other vendor that sells this brand: Amaco Potter’s Choice Cone 5-6, Food Safe
  • Here is the link to see what the glazes look like.
  • Glaze your work at home and then bring it to the Studio to be fired

Please follow these guidelines for glazing safely at home: 

Glaze materials should not go down the drain as much as possible. At the Studio we have a filtration system that collects the glaze materials. We then process these materials to make them safe for disposal. When working from home, it’s important to glaze cleanly and efficiently. 

  • Make sure you’re working on a wipeable waterproof surface. You want to make sure any spills or drips are easily wiped up with a wet sponge.
  • Do not use newspaper or paper towels when glazing. Newspaper soiled in glaze is no longer recyclable as it contains hazardous materials.
  • Please do not mix glazes as it contaminates them.
  • Always wipe the glaze off the bottom of your work and wipe up the side a third of an inch. This keeps your work from melting to and sticking onto our kiln shelves.
  • Do not let glaze materials go down the drain or in the trash.
  • Use a dedicated container of water for rinsing out your sponge or brushes. 
  • Leave any water contaminated with glaze materials sitting still overnight or longer. The materials will settle and separate from the water. When the water is relatively clear it can be poured off the top and down the drain. The settled glaze waste should be collected and disposed of properly.
  • Please plan to bring glaze waste to the Studio to be disposed of safely. We will take up to ½ gallon of glaze waste. Beyond this amount we will charge a disposal fee. 
  • Bring work to the studio to be fired. Bring in the glaze container you used for our technicians to check it before we fire your work. 

Suggestions for transporting glazed work:

  • Make sure the glaze is completely dry before packing.
  • Use loose lightweight packing materials. Nest your pots, don’t wrap them.
  • A coat of spray laundry starch will make the glaze surface more durable.
  • Bring a sponge, brush, and glaze to touch up your work upon arrival at the studio.


  • 1 clay size-box 16x11x8 or up to 15 pieces ($30)
  • 2 boxes ($60)
  • 3 boxes ($90)

Option 2: Art Studio Technicians Glaze for you

  • The Art Studio will glaze for you
  • All glazes will be dipped once in one color (no color combinations)
  • Work will be glazed completely in the color you choose. We are unable to glaze your work in a more complicated way. Ex: Glaze inside but not outside, glaze stripes, etc.
  • Glaze options are: clear, white, celedon, cheddar, lichen* Click on the glaze name to see a photo of the color.

*clear is also available as part of bisque firing pass fee 

    • Fill out this google form to indicate your glaze preferences before you arrive at the Art Studio.
    • Please also mark the bottom of your work with an underglaze pencil (available at Studio) or regular pencil, or mark the bottom of your wet clay with a needle tool. Please use the following code for each glaze color: clear=cl, white=w, celadon=cel, cheddar=ch, l=lichen
  • Please be aware that glazes don’t always turn out the way you plan but we will make sure we do our best in glazing your work.


  • 1 clay size-box 16x11x8 or up to 15 pieces ($30)
  • 2 boxes ($60)
  • 3 boxes ($90)

Late Fall Session Dates

Day Dates Times Location
Sunday  10/25 10:00am–3:00pm Berkeley Art Studio
Sunday  11/1 10:00am–3:00pm Berkeley Art Studio
Sunday  11/8 10:00am–3:00pm Berkeley Art Studio
Sunday  11/15 10:00am–3:00pm Berkeley Art Studio
Sunday  11/22 10:00am–3:00pm Berkeley Art Studio

Glaze Firing Weekly Pass
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