Screen Printing Services

Do you want to pursue your passion for screen printing, but don’t have the equipment at home? We can help! While the Art Studio is currently closed, we are offering the following screen printing services to support your needs. Once you’ve registered, we will be in touch via email to discuss your electronic files and pick up of materials. You can also email us a pdf file at

The Art Studio is open for screen printing materials curbside pick-up and drop-off on Sundays from 10am-3pm.

Screen Printing Package*: This includes the materials you’ll need to screen print from home, plus we’ll burn your image on your screen for you once you’ve sent us your pdf file.
Pricing: $125

Included in the package:

    • Screen with your image burned 
    • 3 containers of ink (4 oz.)
    • Squeegee (used)
    • Paper (100 sheets of tag board)
    • Rag 
    • White Screen Tape 
    • 3 Transparency sheets (for drawing) 
    • 1 paint marker
    • Hinge board with clamp (to be returned to the Studio at the end of the session)

Package does not include the following:

  • Simple Green
  • Paper Towels
  • Spatula or Spoon
  • Registration Tabs
  • Large Sheets of Acetate
  • newsprint

Pre-burned Screens: Purchase a screen from us and send us your image (pdf file) and we will burn the screen for you. 
$60 (screen purchase + image burn)

Burning Only: If you already have a screen, you can drop it off at the Studio and we’ll burn the image for you.
Pricing: $40 (image burn)

Strip screen & re-burn: If you’ve already had a screen burned with us, we can strip it and re-burn it for you.

* If you have some materials at home and don’t need to buy the complete screen package, you can purchase individual merchandise when purchasing one of our screen burning services. 



Screen Printing Services
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