Portrait Painting in Oil

Take your painting skills to the next level by learning to paint portraits in oil. Working from photographs and live models, you’ll create quick portraits and more fully developed paintings. We’ll study basic anatomy and learn to develop images by creating backgrounds and other environmental elements that will enhance your work. If you’ve taken figure drawing, painting fundamentals in oil, or figure painting, this class is an ideal next step for you.


Materials List:

  • A warm and cool of each of the 3 primary colors: 38ml tubes
    • These colors are chosen specifically to understand the mixing of colors while painting. They are simplified to maximize the possibilities while gaining a comprehension of color theory. Alan specifically uses Daler-Rowney Georgian oil color for artists (for best color & economy)
    • Red-  Warm: Cadmium Red Light Hue, Cool: Alizarin Crimson
    • Yellow- Warm: Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue, Cool: Cadmium Yellow Light Hue
    • Blue- Warm: Coeruleum Blue Hue, Cool: French Ultramarine Blue
    • Titanium White
    • Additional paint: primarily for under-painting and a foundation of light: Acrylic – Transperant Raw Sienna (2 oz)
  • Refined Linseed Oil
  • ThinnerNeutral Thin by Eco House
  • Brushes: ½ in, ¾ in, & 1½ in. (or similar) Flat or Filbert
    • Natural hog hair bristle or synthetic bristle combo
  • Palette, wood or plastic
  • Canvas: Multiple prepared (sealed with gesso) canvases, wood or masonite. 16 x 20” or larger preferred (canvas boards OK)
  • Silcoil Brush Cleaning Tank for Thinner
  • Jar, 8oz. resealable small container for linseed oil
  • Rags/Apron/Old clothes
  • Box for materials


Late Fall Session Dates

Day Dates Times Instructor Location
Thursday*  10/20 – 12/8 6pm–9pm  Alan Tarbell 385 Anthropology & Art Practice Building

*No class 11/24


Fall Pricing:

Community: $430
Faculty, staff & alumni: $390
Current Students: $275

Portrait Painting in Oil
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Alan Tarbell

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