Free Art Classes through Zoom

While we’ve been sheltered-in-place, our instructors have been bringing art classes directly to your home! The recordings of the classes we’ve offered so far below. Note: we are not offering free drawing classes at this time. 

If you are interested in registering for a fee-based class or workshop, we have many to choose from. Course information can be found here. Thank you!

Video of Vanessa’s First Class on 3/20: Make play dough at home and sculpt fun mini baked goods!


Video of  Vanessa’s class on 4/1. Participants made homemade playdough and sculpted sushi!

Video of  Vanessa’s class. Art at Home Collage

Video of  Danny’s class on 4/2.

Instructor Danny Neece shows us how to draw using light and dark ranges of grays. 4/16/2020

Video of  Vanessa’s class. 4/17/2020 – Art at Home Recycled soda can flowers and succulents!
Video of  Vanessa’s class. Salt Dough Bear Plaque (Cal Day)
Video of  Vanessa’s class. Cut and sculpt paper to make flowers and feathers.
Video of  Vanessa’s class. 5/7/2020 – Star Wars Drawing Part 1
Video of  Vanessa’s class. 5/8/2020 – Star Wars Drawing Part 2
Video of  Vanessa’s class. 5/12/2020 – Paper Aged Treasure Map
Video of  Vanessa’s class Art At Home:6/24/2020 How to draw a dog
Video of  Vanessa’s class Art At Home: Draw a seashell with barnacles
How to Draw a Velociraptor 7.15.2020
Free Art Classes through Zoom
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