Film Photography Services

Even though our darkroom is closed, we’re still here to support your film photography needs. The Berkeley Art Studio is offering the following services.

Rent a film camera: Take photos around your neighborhood and develop your understanding of the manual features of a camera.
Pricing: $50; You’ll pay a $175 deposit and will receive a $125 refund upon returning the camera in good working order at the end of the session.

35mm Film Processing: Bring your finished rolls of film to us and we’ll process them for you.
Pricing: $12 per roll

Film Scanning: We offer two options for scanning 35mm film. We’ll share the film scans via Box or a Google Drive folder.

Pricing for Low Resolution: $12 per roll

Pricing for High Resolution: $20 per roll

The Art Studio is open for camera and film curbside pick up and drop off on Sundays from 10am-3pm.



Film Photography Services
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