Watercolor: Details of Nature

Watercolor Workshop: Details of Nature (Early Fall)

In this 4-week course will introduce the basics of watercolor painting as we capture the beauty of nature around us. You will learn how to match colors, mix colors, and make educated color choices in your art and life. Both beginners and experienced watercolorists are encouraged to join!

Materials List:
9″ x 12″ watercolor block (must be a block!). One each of hot press and cold press is helpful if you’d like to establish a regular watercolor practice.
Paintbrushes: size 2 round, size 4 round (or similar)
Cup for paint water
Paper towels
Kneaded eraser
Artist’s tape
Here are some recommended paint colors: cadmium yellow, alizarin crimson, permanent rose, sap green, titanium white, lemon yellow, phthalo or prussian blue, cadmium red, black (or graphite, something dark and neutral), ultramarine violet (highly recommend Schmincke brand for this color), ultramarine blue, burnt umber or van dyke brown. The more colors you have to work with, the better! Bring any and all that you’d like to work with.
Optional: sketchbook