watercolor blending grid

Watercolor: Color Theory(Winter)

Are you obsessed with color? This class is designed for color fanatics and watercolor enthusiasts! We will explore the relationship of colors through a series of exercises designed to sharpen your eye to the subtleties of hue and saturation. You will learn how to match colors, mix colors, and make educated color choices in your art and life. Both beginners and experienced watercolorists are encouraged to join!

Materials List:
watercolor block 9″x12″, Fluid or Arches brand, cold press *must be a block*
paint brushes: 1/2″ flat wash, 4 round, 2 round
2H pencil (mechanical works)
paper towels
cup for water
masking tape (artists tape preferred)
glue stick
palette with at least 8 wells and room to mix colors
paints: ultramarine blue, phthalo blue, alizarin crimson, cadmium red hue, lemon yellow, Cadmium Yellow, titanium white, lamp black *It is essential to have these specific colors for our mixing exercises*