Portrait Photo Workshop (Late Fall)

7:30pm - 9:30pm
October 24, 2023 - November 14, 2023
Instructor: Joffrey Baylon

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Develop your individual interests in photography and share your progress with peers. In this class, you will learn intermediate lighting techniques; explore Photoshop and printing techniques while building a body of work. This class is open to students with previous digital photography experience who are interested in developing their portfolio and receiving feedback from peers.

You will be spending the class listening to lectures, observing demonstrations and participating in some hands-on activities and actual shooting time. The focus of the course is using both available light and flash. You will be able to work in a studio environment as well as on location photo-shoot.

Materials List:
DSLR or prosumer/mirrorless digital camera that has a manual exposure mode/
Camera manuals/Flash Manual
Flash or studio strobe
Computer/ laptop/ notebook
Tripod (if available)