Drawing Fundamentals – Spring

2:30pm - 4:30pm
March 17, 2024 - May 05, 2024
Instructor: Julian DeMark

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Begin your formal creative practice in the traditional method of charcoal drawing. Charcoal pencils and sticks are one of most commonly used tools to draw with. Learn the basics of this fine medium, understand the effectiveness of drawing techniques, and get a formal introduction into the process of creating imagery all on your own. Subjects discussed will include line quality, shading and gradation, cross hatching, and contour drawing. This class is open to all levels.

No class 03/31/2024

Materials list:

  • Strathmore 400 Series Recycled Paper Drawing (18”x24”)
  • NewsPrint Pad (18”x24”)
  • Paper Blending Stumps
  • Fine tip eraser (Julian recommends small & large mechanical eraser pens)
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Drawing board (18x24)
  • Choose to draw with either Pencils -OR- Charcoal (or both!):
    • Vine Charcoal (Soft), Compressed charcoal sticks, Charcoal pencils (2b, 4b, 6b), white charcoal pencil
    • Tombow graphite pencil set, pencils B - 8B

The Inkstone on Telegraph near the UC Berkeley campus will have some drawing materials available. Please contact them directly to inquire about in-store pick-up.