Ceramics Focus: Cups & Mugs – Intermediate (Late Fall)

5:00pm - 7:00pm
October 19, 2023 - December 07, 2023
Instructor: Hue Yang

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Cups are the most straight forward forms you can throw on the wheel. However, wrapped up in the simplicity is a world of possibilities. From Japanese style tea bowls to mugs to tumblers, cups have an array of cultural and historical inspirations. From a technical standpoint, the skills required to master cups can be applied to nearly every other vessel. In this class we’ll explore throwing and trimming, surface options, handle making, throwing off the hump, and more. This class is open to advanced beginner and intermediate level students.

No class 11/23/23

Clay must be purchased at the Studio. Clay is $10-$28 for a 25 lb bag depending on clay body. We also sell tools kits at the Studio and the prices range from $10-$22. Class includes unlimited glazes, firings, and open studio access.